DJ SARASA Electronic Press Kit 2011

STYLE/ GENRE Hip Hop (Old School, 90's, Underground, Jazzy, Bass, House-Crossover, Top 40) Disco (80's to Contemporary) House (Dance, Music, Tribal, Deep) Soul Breakbeats Funk Based in Tokyo, DJ SARASA aka Silverboombox's crossover selection of Hip Hop, Funk, Disco, Soul, Breakbeats and House music, enables her to cater to any crowd at ease. Her turntablist party rocking skills, stage presence which includes breakdancing while DJing, and overall zest for music makes her one of the most acclaimed DJs in Japan. After starting her career at the age of 18 as a college radio DJ in Canada, in 2006, she was involved in the marketing campaign for the launch of the movies "Dave Chappelle's Block Party" and "RIZE" nationwide. Having performed and USA, Canada, Japan, Dubai, Malasia and many more, DJ SARASA is a proven world-class performer. She has rocked the crowd of over 5000 people in her recent performance for Chingay Parade (Singapore) in the beginning of 2009. Furthermore, DJ SARASA's has launched her new clothing brand MYNORITY CLASSICS in 2010. She continues to make contribution to the music scene with her eclectic selection, and without a doubt became the promoter's first choice to open up for overseas acts when they come to Japan. DJ SARASA has performed along with big name artists such as... - DJ Premier - Pete Philly & Perquisite - Pete Rock - Steph Pockets - Group Home - DJ Muro - Large Professor - DJ Krush - CL Smooth - The Roots - DJ Evil Dee - Funky DL - Percee P ...
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Vestax Handy Trax USB Portable Turntable w/ USB

About: The long selling all-in-one portable turntable, handy trax, has been upgraded with a USB connection and now enables listeners to transfer vinyl to your computer. + Rock & Soul Is the Best "Go To DJ Equipment & Record Store" Out There. We´re in the Biz for over 30/Y. Always Best Price, Knowledge, Service & Product Guarantee!


Vestax VES-HANDYTRAXUSBBLK Handy Trax, Black

The long selling all-in-one portable turntable, handy trax, has been upgraded with a USB connection and now enables listeners to transfer vinyl to your computer. Recapturing the freedom of music, the handy trax USB, with its anytime, anywhere portability allows vinyl enthusiasts to leisurely pursue their interest in analog purity with the confidence of Vestax quality. Whether a collector from fine Jazz to classics, a digger in search at garage sales or in the attic the handy trax USB will take you wherever possible. from Japan to the Americas, through Europe and back, Vestax assures infinite portability.


Vestax VCI-400 Professional MIDI and Audio DJ Controller with Built in Mixer

The Vestax VCI 400 is the hardware solution for DJs who have been seeking an instrument that perfectly adapts to their style of performance. Shifting compatibility from bundled DJ software to any DJ software has made the VCI 400 the most versatile and intuitive DJ controller in its league. Along with its excellent ability to customize control assignments, the VCI 400 and its ergonomic 4 channel layout provides perfect control for standard DJ software operation. The latest v2.0 firmware enables channels C and D to function as a stand alone mixer, adding more flexibility and setup options. The highly intuitive control surface features iconic Vestax high resolution jog wheels with torque and sensitivity control. The highly responsive multi mode transport section triggers layers of controls instantly, which is perfect for finger drummers and controllerists. All buttons are backlit with high intensity LEDs, and along with the built in LED Meter input faders, the VCI 400 provides excellent visual support for DJs in any environment. The VCI 400 filters were designed to enable precise sweeps, and the low frequency response was designed to comply with sound systems in large venues. The integrated audio interface uses a studio grade asynchronous USB streaming system to provide low latency, bit perfect audio at 24 bit/48 kHz resolution. This advanced audio system combines a dual core digital processor with carefully selected analog components, to deliver a clear and powerful sound. On the road or in the studio, the VCI 400 simply sounds awesome. The customize capability of the VCI 400 is like no other, and provides options that will spark your imagination. The Vestax VCI 400 works with any DJ software that has a MIDI learn function. With more than 200 assignable parameters, you will have plenty of room to fit the controls of the software you use. The VCI 400 has the best options to fit your style and control needs.

3 used from $350.00


Vestax PMC-05Pro3 2-Channel HipHop/Scratch DJ Mixer (Silver)

Over the last 10 years the 05Pro series has undergone a number of important transformations that have helped to establish it as one of the most trusted and widely used mixers of all time. Once again, the PMC-5Pro has been reborn, this time as the PMC-05ProIII, bringing with it a number of important changes such as, new effects routing options for both PGM1 & 2, a more open battle area, a new generation cross fader and new input switch/controls.

3 used from $300.00


Vestax Typhoon Midi Controller

Typhoon is an all-in-one bundle of digital DJ hardware and software, offering total control to mix, scratch, and play music like a DJ, right at your fingertips. The included software transforms your computer into a full-blown DJ system. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, plug Typhoon into your computer and become a DJ instantly. With its included software, you can mix any playlist automatically with seamless transitions for podcasts, house parties, and much bigger venues. Touch sensor platters let you cue up your tracks from scratching to pitch bend. Faders control volume and the cross fader allows for smooth transitions from one track to the next.

The Vestax Typhoon
The Typhoon offers everything you need to mix, scratch, ad play music like a DJ. View larger

The Vestax Typhoon
Virtual DJ software, tailor made for intuitive mixing, is included. View larger

The Vestax Corporation is a company that keeps producing products with its uniqueness, foresight, and reliability for the people who make music actively from inputs to outputs of sounds. Vestax's mission is always to deliver products demanded by world's top class musicians, DJs, music creators, and fans that all desire to have reliable music instruments and equipment. Vestax gear is always developed from the users' standpoint and Vestax is proud of its role in the culture in music.

The Vestax Typhoon
Compact and light, the Typhoon is perfect for users on-the-go
Touch Sensor Jog Wheels

High resolution, touch-sensitive jog wheels enable the user to DJ like in analog mode when scratching or mixing.

Multi Channel Audio System with Built-In EQ and Effects

Typhoon comes with high quality sound for monitoring, master output, and a separate microphone input. Record and mix like a pro, using your home computer or laptop. Instantly adjust the EQ and add various sound effects to your loops with a touch.

Compact and Light

The Typhoon is completely travel friendly. Compact and lightweight, the entire system is easy to transport from gig to gig and is perfect for users on-the-go.

Vextax Virtual DJ Software Included

Virtual DJ is an audio/video mixing software developed by Atomix Productions Inc. It is used by Mobile/Club DJs and by millions of users in the world. The version bundled with Typhoon has been tailor made for intuitive mixing and looks just like the Typhoon itself.

This bundled version of Virtual DJ features Dual Players with pitch control, an internal mixer with gain and equalizer, instant BPM detection and automatic beat matching, smart loops, and more. You can even play music videos and karaoke.

Works with Mac and Windows

The Typhoon DJ system software operates with Mac and Windows systems (ASIO driver used for operation with Windows), so you can make music on nearly any modern computer system. A simple USB cable and bundled software will have you spinning wherever you please. No need for purchasing expensive audio workstation equipment just to get started making your own mixes.

System Requirements

  • CPU : Intel Core Duo 1.4GHz (SSE1) or higher
  • RAM : 1GB or higher
  • USB : Use direct USB port of your computer
  • Operating System: Windows XP: SP2 or higher 32bit (64bit is not supported), Windows Vista: SP1 or higher 32bit or 64bit,Windows7: 32bit or 64bit
  • Other: Available USB port, CD-ROM drive, Hard disk space for music and software
  • CPU: Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz or higher
  • RAM : 1GB or higher
  • Operating System: OS X 10.5 or higher
  • Other: Available USB port, CD-ROM drive, Hard disk space for music and software
NOTE: Even if the clock frequency is sufficient to the requirement above, Intel Celeron, Centrino, ATOM, AMD, and Sempron is not supported.

What's in the Box

  • Typhoon
  • Owner's manual
  • Quick start guide
  • USB cable

Technical Specifications

  • Size : 14" (W) x 9.5" (H) x 1.5" (D)
  • Weight : 3.3 lbs
  • Power : USB power
  • Power voltage: 5V 500mA

5 used from $119.99


Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

Spin is an all-in-one bundle of digital DJ hardware and software, offering total control to mix, scratch, and play music as a DJ would right at your fingertips. The included software, djay seamlessly integrates with your iTunes library and transforms your Mac into a full-blown DJ system.Whether for the beginner or seasoned pros alike, Spin is a great place to start or hone in on your craft.Developed by Vestax, a company dedicated in professional DJ Gear for over 25 years, brings you a simple solution for all DJs from beginner to pro. Start DJing today with Spin and experience what it's like to create your own mix for podcasts, slide shows, house parties and on to bigger venues. Whether you're at home or performing live, allow Spin and included software, djay to mix any playlist automatically with seamless, professional transitions.Control and cue-up your tracks with the touch sensor platters from scratching to pitch bend. Allow the faders to control volume and for track transition from one to another with the cross fader. Spin has all of the necessary features for you to learn what it takes to be a DJ.

2 used from $99.99


Vestax PBS-4 Personal Live Web Broadcasting Audio & Video Mixer‎

The Vestax PBS-4 A/V is the easy, affordable, all-in solution for broadcasting live video and audio sources on the internet. This broadcast mixer lets you mix multiple audio and video sources together, and instantly stream them online for viewing by a world-wide audience. The PBS-4's USB output feeds your mixed audio and video to your computer and streams your content to any live streaming service such as Livestream,, or Ustream. Compact, lightweight, and loaded with connections, the Vestax PBS-4 is an internet broadcast essential.


Vestax VCI-380 Professional 2-Channel Serato DJ MIDI Controller with Built-In Digital Mixer

The Vestax VCI 380 is a 2 channel DJ MIDI controller with a built in Digital DJ mixer. Powerful and creative, it opens the door to limitless possibilities of controllerism. Every feature of the VCI 380 is optimized to enhance the DJ's performance and take a new approach in manipulating music. Designed to work hand in hand with Serato, VCI 380 is bundled with ITCH, providing an arsenal of musical craft tools with perfect integrity, straight out of the box. The 2 x 8 banks of FSR trigger pads on the VCI 380 are jam packed with creative performance modes. With the given features you can trigger cue points, samples, loops, slice up beats, and shoot off Pad FX together. The jog wheels on the VCI 380 have an advanced structure and larger platters for extra stability and smoothness. The LED needle point embedded in the jog wheel provides excellent visual monitoring, indicating the deck's playback position. The torque of the jog wheels can be adjusted to your preference, and you can pitch bend the track by touching the sides of the jog wheels. The stand alone mixer function of the VCI 380 has great capacity for adaptability. The two hybrid channels are capable of mixing external devices such as CD players, turntables and MP3 players, together with tracks and samples from Serato ITCH. Each channel has an RCA Phono/Line input for limitless connection options, and the crossfader and input faders curve can be adjusted like any DJ mixer. Mixes with the input source can be tweaked with Trim and EQ, and the FX knobs on each channel function as Hi Pass filters to add an extra touch to your performance. The built in 24Bit/48kHz audio interface features BIT Perfect audio powered by a studio grade asynchronous USB streaming system. This advanced technology provides low latency, premium sound quality and outputs your mix at its true clarity. Some say seeing is believing. For the VCI 380, listening is believing.


Vestax PDX-3000MKII Professional Turntable With Midi Input and Adjustable Torque

The PDX-3000mkII may look the same as the PDX series from the past, but with its new features, the PDX-3000mkII gives you absolute control over the vinyl. In addition of the traditional pitch control and ultra pitch, a torque simulator system is built-in to adjust the motors torque power to the DJs preference, allowing you to scratch but also mix with the PDX-3000mkII like no other turntable before! The PDX-3000mkII is also the world’s first turntable to have MIDI connection, which enables external MIDI devices to control the pitch. Stability is a known virtue of the PDX series, and this is the same for the PDX-3000mkII. Vestax's original Anti Skipping Tone Arm System (A.S.T.S) provides sufficient performance for DJs who juggle and scratch. For many DJs familiar to straight arm Djing, the PDX-3000mkII is your perfect choice. Vestax’s original Anti Skipping Tone-arm System ensures high sound quality and stable playback by reducing the inner and outer force of the needle, suppressing horizontal vibrations. The PDX-3000mkII’s direct drive DC motor has powerful torque of maximum 4.7CN/cm, and reaches a constant speed rate within 0.5 seconds from pushing the start/stop button. An extremely precise regulator is required to accurately control such a motor, and with the PDX-3000 it is digitally (32bit CPU) controlled with a digital servo. This servo keeps the motor rotating no matter how heavily the pitch is changed, reverse button is pushed or the platter is pulled back. With an advanced digital servo in combination, Vestax has cast a new mold to optimize the balance between the platter weight and rotary inertia moment. This enables the DJ to perform with higher stability and accuracy. The surface has been lowered, giving DJs more control over vinyl, along with carefully designed sides for precise pitch adjustment. The PDX-3000mk2 can be controlled by MIDI note signals sent from other control devices.

1 used from $499.99


Vestax VFX-1 Serato ITCH USB MIDI Effect Controller

The long awaited effect controller for VCI-300+ITCH, the VFX-1. An effect control unit which brings out the best in Djing with the DJ MIDI controller VCI-300+ITCH. 2 individual effect channels with 12 effects each, along with 3 control knobs to control the parameters for each effect. The VFX-1 only requires simple USB connection with your computer and runs with the power provided. Connecting the VCI-300 and VFX-1 together will activate the effect unit of Serato ITCH. Special settings or any installation is not needed. The Vestax Corporation is a company that keeps producing products with its uniqueness, foresight, and reliability for the people who do music actively from inputs to outputs of sounds. Vestax's mission is always to deliver products demanded by world's top class musicians, DJs, music creators, and fans that all desire to have reliable music instruments and equipment. Vestax aims at producing premium products with the world's highest level of technologies to live up to clients' needs collected in its international sales division, sales outlets, and exhibitions that take place around the world. Vestax is not a company operating for itself only. The products are always developed from users' standpoints and what Vestax feels proud most is that the products represent a part of culture in music. They go on the market after a long process of repeated discussions with top musicians, trials and errors, and strict quality control on production lines.

5 used from $50.00


Vestax Pad One Drum Machine

The Vestax PAD-One is a solid robust MIDI pad controller, compatible with various DJ and DAW software and can be used to control any kind of MIDI device, including synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and electronic drums. The aluminum chassis will never warp or crack, ensuring you long life durability and stability. The PAD-One can individually assign pads on the fly, and shows you each pads MIDI value on the 7seg indicator. Compact, solid and reliable, the PAD One is the ideal item to your DJ arsenal.


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