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Thud Rumble DJ Qbert Battle Breaks

Made in 1991, this skratch sound effect tool was specifically designed with the skratch battle DJ in mind. It helped start the whole world of skratch-break-battle records you now see in your finer DJ stores. A historical piece of vinyl with continuous samples and beat snippets close together for skratch/juggle friendly usage makes this innovative wax a blueprint that every skratch DJ shouldn't be without.


Thud Rumble DJ Qbert Gag Seal Breaks

Taking example from the all time great "Superseal" record, Skratchy's comes back with his 3rd skipless skratchbreak record. Just like the Superseal recipe, this plate includes whole new sets of skip free funky samples and beats making this the must have add-on sequel to it's ever so popular predecessor. The variations in skratch samples found here gives the user new different varieties and challenges that will increase his or her skills on the decks. If you love the Superseal record and want more then here's Gag-Seal Breaks.


DJTECH DIF1S DJ Scratch Mixer

The DIF1S is DJ Tech's newest DJ scratch mixer with the Mini Infrared from famous scratch fader manufacturer Audio Innovate. The DIF1S features the Mini Infrared from Audio Innovate as the crossfade. Inherited from the original Infrared, it provides smooth and robust feeling to scratch DJs. The contactless design gives a long life of over 4,000,000 cycles. The cut-in position can be adjusted by users with simple calibration steps to fit your taste and the Reverse switch allows you to do different styles of scratch skills. The mixer is also compatible with the original Infrared for future upgrade. The DIF1S's Time Code Mode makes DJ's lives easier switching between ordinary turntable setup and DVS setup. At the rear of the mixer, the extra pairs of Time Code send/Time Code return RCA connectors allow you to connect to your audio interface, such as the SL3 For Serato. Just switch to the Time Code channel on the top panel and you are ready to use as a DVS setup. The DIF1S serves as a full-feature 2-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, mic input, both 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphones outputs and even a booth output with a dedicated volume control, yet, the price is affordable. Scratch seriously now.

1 used from $173.85


Ortofon Q.Bert Replacement Stylus

Replacement stylus for Q.Bert DJ Cartridges


Thud Rumble DJ Qbert Breaktionary Vol. 3 - Vinyl Record

DJ Qbert Breaktionary Vol. 3 is the third in a 4-album set of music used by DJ Qbert for breakdance battles (as seen on Freestyle Session 8 DVD). The vinyl record features over 20 minutes of rare funk breaks, one after another, at the same user-friendly tempo. Cut down on the amount of crates you bring to your next jam. Just grab doubles of this record and let loose with some creativity that'll keep 'em going for hours. DJs can rock the true school hip-hop on the tables and sample the rawest beats onto their drum machines and music programs. As an added bonus, the cover features work by world famous artist, D23 (Damon Soule).


Ortofon Concorde Q.Bert Twin Pack - 2 x DJ Cartridges each fitted with stylus

Co-developed by one of the most legendary DJs of all time, the Ortofon Q.Bert provides unsurpassed handling, high output voltage, and low wear characteristics that literally put it in a class of its own. Turntablists and mix DJs alike will appreciate the strong output of this cartridge, coupled with unrivaled tracking ability and sonic characteristics. The Q.Bert features a more subdued high end, which helps to minimize surface noise from worn vinyl, and an accentuated mid-range to help bring scratching to the front of the sound stage.

1 used from $170.00


DJ Tech DIF-1S V2 Battle Mixer with Mini Innofader Crossfader

The DJ Tech DIF-1S V2 is a high performance, 2-channel DJ mixer with DVS Mode and built-in Mini innoFADER. Designed for scratching, the Mini innoFADER from premium cross fader manufacturer, Audio Innovate, is a contactless, digital cross fader, with a life of over 4 million cycles. The contactless design allows for faster, smoother cuts. The cut-in position is fully adjustable with a simple calibration of the fader. The mixer features full cross fader curve adjustment and a reverse switch. The mixer is also compatible with the original innoFADER. The DIF-1S V2 features a DVS Mode to facilitate the switch between analog vinyl and DVS control. An extra set of inputs and outputs are provided to connect your DVS sound card to the mixer, without having to disconnect your turntables. An input switch is provided to set the mixer to DVS Mode, and it takes care of the routing, sending the control record signal to the computer, and the music back to the mixer, just like any DVS mixer with built-in sound card. The DIF-1S offers the option to take your DVS sound card on the road without disconnecting your mixer and turntable setup at home. The DIF-1S also features gain and 3-band EQ on each channel, a microphone input, dual headphones outputs (1/4" and 1/8" mini jack) and a booth output with a dedicated volume control.


Thud Rumble Super Seal - Skratchy Seal Vinyl

Skratchy's second record! This simple masterpiece made skratch DJ history by taking the bonus skipless track idea from Sealed Breaks and duplicating that for 12 tracks of the top favorite sounds every scratcher loves to play with. Full skip freedom while practicing, recording and performing especially if the tables are in a wobbly environment. Never worry about people jumping on stage, and unstable table, or a wild skratch hand. Just let your creativeness flow by eliminating the stress of skipping and promoting a faster progression towards your own beautiful skratch style. Also includes a side with different tempo beats to play on.


DJ Qbert's Needle Thrashers 2

DJ Qbert's Needle Thrashers 2- mixmaster mike uses this record in alot of his routines.-Sample 1 -Sample 2-Sample 3 -Sample 4-Sample 5 -Sample 6


DJ Qbert's Needle Thrashers 1

DJ Qbert's Needle Thrashers 1- This has some of my favorite beats on it. I've actually played it a party and mixed it between other hip hop songs.-Sample 1 -Sample 2


Ortofon Concorde Qbert Single

Ortofon Concorde QBert Single DJ Cartridge


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